This slate and copper roof is the true definition of a LIFETIME roofing system. We began the project by removing two dormers, creating a sleek roofline that now accentuates the beauty of the slate.

We then removed the siding of the home to properly replace the old flashing with new copper flashing. New siding was then installed to complete the fresh appearance of the home.

On the hips and ridges of this project, we opted to use new copper flashing in between each piece of slate. The copper accessories are the finishing touches to the home, resulting in its roof becoming a true piece of artwork. 

This is a unique combination. Rarely does one come across a residential roofing system that encompasses both Standing Seam Metal and TPO. We customized this project by framing the skylights in copper-penny metallic flashing to match the metal section of the roof. We also ran TPO up the parapet walls and topped them with coping to complete that component of the roof. We finished off the project by installing copper gutters around the perimeter of the residence. The resulting roofing system is the perfect complement to a home with such unique architecture.

This black Standing Seam Metal roof was the one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, projects we at Fitz Roofing have had the pleasure to install. As you can see, this home has a complex architectural design. It has many hips, ridges and valleys resulting in a very difficult build. This project required us to restructure some rooflines to avoid dead valleys, therefore preventing future potential pooling and/or leaking. We then installed ice and water shield throughout the entire roof as added protection.

Superior craftsmanship was required for every aspect of this roofing system, creating a quality project with stunning aesthetic appeal.