Fitz 4 Families

God owns Fitz Roofing, and we do the best we are able to run the company by seeking His guidance. Fitz 4 Families is a program implemented to give back to our community. At Fitz Roofing, we measure our success by how much we give back- not by how much we profit. At least 10% of all profits are donated to families who could use a blessing in the form of new roofing systems, scholarships, and financial contributions. Thank you in advance for helping us be a light to others.

Fitz Roofing – Making a Difference One Home at a Time™

Purpose/Cause/Passion: Making a difference, serving people, driven by our philanthropic commitment to our community, while focusing on relationships, not just revenue.

A Note from a Homeowner

“I am thankful for the Roofing job that Fitz Roofing done for me a little while back! Every time I look at it,I Thank God! This company done an Outstanding Job! They did a very professional Job from taking the old Roof off and Replacement of any wood that didn’t come up to their standards, even the little things that I wouldn’t have even thought of! I wouldn’t hesitate to Recommend this company to anyone and have to several people who are in need of a new Roof, trying to find the Right company who will do a good job can be a chore in itself ! Don’t worry or even stress out give Fitz Roofing company a call ! Korey Fitzgibbons (727) 434 9665 You will be glad you did ! I am Pastor Alfred Smith from Cypress Point Baptist church in Huffman Texas, I am privileged to Recommend this company to anyone!”