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Ever notice how blazing hot it gets in Largo? And don’t get us started on those wild tropical storms. It’s no secret—our roofs get hammered year-round! It’s overwhelming to think about how to keep your roof in tip-top shape, right? Well, that’s where Fitz Roofing swoops in to save the day. We’re all about helping our neighbors—yep, that’s you—keep their roofs looking amazing and standing strong. Choosing Fitz Roofing isn’t just checking a box for a contractor but more like having a friend who’s got your back (or should I say roof?) for the long haul. Contact us today for your free inspection!

Why Customers Choose Fitz Roofing for Their Roofing Needs

Why Customer Choose Fitz Roofing for their Roofing Needs

A Local Largo Roofing Contractor

Here at Fitz Roofing, we're all about hometown pride in Largo. We're not just roofing experts; we're locals who want to make our community shine through stellar service.

Lifetime Warranties

You read that right. We offer life-long warranties because we're that confident in our work. Your investment is safe and secure for the long haul.

Heavily Certified Crew

Our squad has serious credentials, with badges of honor from the biggest names in roofing, including certifications from industry leaders like CertainTeed, HAAG, and VERSICO.

Military and First Responder Discounts

Big salute to our local heroes! We've got exclusive deals just because we're grateful for you folks in uniform.

5-Star Customer Reviews

We have an average of 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction.
5 star customer reviews
Jo Ann Calabro, Google
“They did an EXCELLENT JOB of removing the old roof and replacing a new one!! The person I dealt with was RYAN and he was VERY PERSONABLE and easy to work with and communicate with!! From his inspection of my roof and getting a new roof installed was about 2 weeks whereas I had been trying since March working with another company!! Fitz Roofing is THERE to HELP!! THANK YOU, RYAN for seeing this through!!!”
5 star customer reviews
Bradley Caleb, Google
“With this last round of storms devastating our neighborhood, we were stuck at the hospital, Fitz Roofing was going around tarping roofs throughout the neighborhood. They tarped it and withing a few weeks later the roof was replaced. They were speedy and cleaned up everything! 10/10 recommend.”
5 star customer reviews
Glenn Martin, Google
“This is a top notch team.very prompt and uses the best products available to protect your investment and family. Korey has a passion to help people and a great love for others. Give him a call he will go the extra mile for you.”

Our Process

Introduction & Inspection

When you meet our team, they’ll always be rockin’ a Fitz Roofing polo and handing you our business card with a smile. They’ll scope out your roof, jotting down the nitty-gritty, and then meticulously inspect the whole area.


We’ll get back to you with the lowdown on any trouble spots post-inspection. We’ll lay out the next steps and guide you through the process so you know what to expect.


Once you give the thumbs up on the job details, we’ll get all the official stuff sorted – contracts, materials, schedules – and we’re all ears for any questions.


Big or small, each job’s all about making your roof dreams come true. We’ll keep you in the loop and guarantee our team will be on time and point when installing your roof.

Quality Assurance​

Our obsession with quality means we triple-check your new roof to ensure it meets our high standards. Rest easy knowing your roof is in top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering how long a well-built roof lasts? A well-built one will keep you covered for decades, plus the warranties are pretty sweet, too. We’ve got financing options to keep you covered if the unexpected happens.
After a storm, schedule a roof inspection and document any areas of damage that you may notice. Check the interior of your home for signs of water damage, too.
Watching your roof handle life’s curveballs can be rough. If it’s taken some heavy hits or just looks tired, it might be time for a fresh start. A new roof often makes more cents—we mean sense—in the long run.

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