Fitz Roofing Services

Designer Roof Systems

Other than composition roof systems, we specialize in installing designer systems for custom homes. We enjoy the challenge of helping homeowners bring vision to unique architecture. Feel free to browse through our portfolio to view a few of the many options we offer:

Roof Replacements

When determining which custom roofing system is right for you and your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. It is important that you speak with a company that will listen to your wants and needs. It is imperative that you express your priorities whether they be basic protection, aesthetic appeal and/or energy efficiency.

Our mission is to make a difference one home at a time. We accomplish this by getting to know each and every individual and the uniqueness of their lifestyle. By understanding the vision of the customer, we are properly equipped to guide you through the selection of a customized roofing system that fits your needs and protects your family.


We offer a full-range of repair packages customized for your home’s specific problem area(s). Our technicians will take pictures of the current condition of your shingles and the other components of your roofing system. He/she will then discuss specific plan of action for your project based on the findings of the inspection.

Complete Roof Inspection

A member of our trained staff will arrive on time (or early) to your home, professionally dressed in a polo embroidered with a Fitz Roofing logo and will immediately offer you a business card. From there, he/she will gather information from you to gain perspective of the details of the current status of the roof (age, storms the roof has weathered, former repairs that may have been performed, etc…). We then will access your roof and perform a thorough inspection of the entire system. We will examine the condition of the shingles, all penetrations, valleys, chimneys, and skylights (if applicable). When the inspection is complete, the roofer will report back to you all problem areas, if any.

Insurance Claims

Our goal is to provide you a stress-free enjoyable experience.
Fitz Roofing will perform a thorough inspection of your entire property. We will begin by examining all windows, doors, fencing, patio furniture, pool equipment, basketball goals, screens, expansion joints, siding, gutters, downspouts, vents, chimney caps, and each individual slope of the roof itself.

In the event we find evidence of storm related damage, we will:

  • Assist you in filing a claim with your insurance company
  • Act as your liaison when the insurance adjuster performs his/her inspection
  • Evaluate the scope from your insurance company (and clarify the report to you)
  • Assist you in selecting the perfect roofing system for you and your family
  • Submit all paperwork to the insurance company and/or mortgage company.

Sit back, relax and allow us to go to work for you!